SAP CPI Transport System

Carrying Your Developments

With this CPI Transport System, you can easily transport your SAP CPI artifacts between packages on one system or to another system.

How it works

Some Features

With the CPI Transporter you can easily transport an artifact from one package to another within the same tenant.
This feature makes work easier when you map multiple stages over the same system.

With the CPI Transporter you can transport an artifact from one CPI system to another.
The configuration step helps you to maintain or adjust the configuration on the target artifact.

For each transport, the last step is to get an overview of your artifact's configuration on both source and target sides. So you can keep the values in the target or transfer them from your source. It doesn't get any safer than this!

In case you want to deploy your artifact directly to the target system after the transport, you can select the Instant Deployment option in the last step.

This feature is only available for PLUS + users.

The transport system stores the routes of already transported artifacts in a cookie. If you want to transport the same artifact again, the last destination will already be suggested for you to take over. So you save a few steps and are even faster.

In combination with the browser extension, you can complete a transport in a few seconds with a total of 3 clicks.

This feature is only available for PLUS + users.

With the CPI Helper Browser Extension (Chrome Store) by Dominic Beckbauer you can start a transport directly from the SAP CPI. Just install the extension in your browser.

1. Then navigate in an Integration Flow.
2. At the top you will find new buttons. Click on Plugins
3. Activate the CPI Transporter Plugin
4. Click on the button Messages
5. Click on the button New Transport